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Which High school?

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Knuts13 Mon 02-Mar-15 10:13:38

Hi., I'm hoping to find out some info from parents who's children attend or will be attending either the Free school, Christ the king or Sandown high. My child is in ur 5 at mo at Newchurch primary and we live in Shanklin, my choices ( b4 I've been to open days that is) are as above- although Sandown would not be a choice but it's our closest school so guess I've got to put it down! But really just trying to decide weather to put free school or Christ the king as first choice. I'm thinking CTK will be difficult to get into a snot church goers and also I've got the impression it's better suited to higher achieving students which I'm not sure helps the 'average Joe'! But also the free school do seem to go on alit about being 'highly academic'. So confused and so worried my child will have to goto Sandown. (So many people have a bad impression of sandown high) ��!!

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