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Anyone know a good cleaner in Wigan?

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UptownFunkYouUp Sun 01-Mar-15 10:22:22

I am looking for a cleaner to do a couple of hours a week, but really would like to find one recommended through word of mouth rather than take my chances. Trouble is the two I know of that come recommended are booked up at the moment. If you do know of anyone please PM me or reply to this thread, whichever you prefer. We are in the Winstanley area and the cleaner would have to be comfortable with dogs.
Many thanks ��

sylwright Mon 09-Mar-15 14:15:38

My daughter lives in Standish and uses this company and is very happy with them.

Nessiefern1 Wed 11-Mar-15 09:36:59

Thank you for recommending Queens of Clean. We are pleased that you recommended us and so pleased that your daughter is happy with our services.

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