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Brook Valley Gardens development????

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sept2012bride Tue 24-Feb-15 18:49:25

Hi all,

I currently live in a flat in Finchley and with a baby we are realising that we need a house asap! Finchley is pretty much out of our price range so we are looking at High Barnet... I know it's very near but I know very little of High Barnet... What's it like to live there? Good amenities for small children? Nice shops/coffee culture?

We have seen a house in the new development they are doing in Dollis Valley that we really like... The only problem is that I always remember when I was at school (long time ago!!) Dollis Valley was somewhere you stayed well away from so the thought of moving there makes me nervous.. I know they actually knocking estate down but still unsure..

Can any locals give me more up to date information? What's the general feeling towards the development? Or can you recommend desirable roads or roads to to stay away from??

Many thanks

LocalEditorBarnet Wed 25-Feb-15 01:23:13

Hi, many thanks for your post Sept2012bride. I'm sure someone will be along soon but in the meantime I've tweeted your post smile

Ellis4 Wed 08-Apr-15 18:13:28

Hi sorry if this is late but that development backs on to Dollis Valley which though is going to be regenerated is still an area to avoid tbh.

Wimbledon1983 Mon 12-Nov-18 16:04:16

Interested to see what happened with this. I've seen the development online but have also seen this:


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