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Considering buying a flat in Clapham, looking for advice

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Edhie Sat 14-Feb-15 16:28:03

Hello everyone,

My partner and I are currently renting in North London, but we are about to take the plunge and buy our own place.
Clapham is one of the areas at the top of our list. But since we are expats and do not know London all that well, we wondered if there are areas in Clapham we should be focusing on and other areas we should avoid.

To give you an idea of our budget, we are looking for a reasonably spacious period 2 bed at about 600 000 pounds.
Of great importance to us are green spaces nearby as well as good links to the City, in the Bank area, and to the center in general (we go the theatre a lot.)
We also love a village feel and would enjoy an area that is reasonably lively but not too noisy.

Where do you think might fit our tastes and our budget?

Thank you in advance for your help!


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