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Stroud primary schools with good reputation for SEN?

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zaney76 Thu 12-Feb-15 09:15:25

We're hoping to move to Stroud this year but I'm wondering if anyone can offer any advice on primary schools in the Stroud area?

My ds started in reception last September but has been flagged up as having 'additional needs' and is now on the school's SEN register. The main issue appears to be sensory processing disorder.

We were planning to move before we realised that ds had these problems and I guess I'm now I'm worried about finding a new school which can at least help him as well as his current school (I'm not convinced his current school is the best match but I don't want it to be any worse!). It is difficult to pick up this sort of information from the official data so if anyone has had good experience with a school in the Stroud area or knows of people who have it would be really helpful to know.

Also, does anyone know whether Stroud generally have a fair few spaces at primary school level? It is very difficult to get out of catchment school places where we currently live due to pressure on places but I was hoping Stroud might not be as 'full' so we might have more choice? I know we'll need to contact the council to try and get a full list nearer the time.

Thanks for any pointers! Please feel free to PM me if you'd rather not post on the thread.

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