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Can anyone advise us on Silsoe please ?

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autumnbreeze17 Tue 10-Feb-15 16:52:05

Does anyone know or maybe think that the new estate in Silsoe Village in Bedfordshire could possibly become rough in a few years due to all the housing association homes being built there ?
Obviously this means people on benefits and young single mums whom cannot control or discipline their children.. By the way , I am also aware there are good honest decent hard working people in Social Housing to .
Asking for sister whom is thinking of moving there as she loves Silsoe but she is worried about lack of amenities and the fact it could become neglected , get rough and run over with children in the next few years.

Opinions please ?

Thank you smile

Rainbow44 Tue 24-Feb-15 07:26:10

I know someone who lives in silsoe and unfortunately they have noticed a decline in the past few years since the social housing has been built...

I used to live there ( many many moons ago ) and it was a gorgeous village..I can't really comment too much as I don't live there myself but yes I think it is a bit on the decline sadly from my friend's comments.

Rainbow44 Tue 24-Feb-15 07:30:57

I guess social housing is coming up everywhere..and you are right there are good people who live in these houses but yes, there are also the others sadly..

In most new estates in towns and villages builders are obliged to build social housing but in a small place like silsoe I suppose it would be more noticeable. It's a shame really.

taxi4ballet Mon 09-Mar-15 00:03:42

Where would you like social housing to be built then?

Rainbow44 Mon 09-Mar-15 07:05:27

Well..I have a couple of different opinions on this..

Me and my family work hard and have good values..I would like to think everyone in this world is like that. My husband was bought up in a social housing area 30 odd years ago where people who lived in these areas were hard workers and had good values. There was a real community spirit.

We bought our first house in a lovely private estate and saved hard for our lovely house, then someone moved in on the social housing part and I can honestly say made our life a misery for 18 months. Scratched my husband's car...threw eggs at our window and lots more. For no reason other than I once asked the mum who lived there to kindly stop swearing loudly at her daughter from the bottom of her my experience has not been great..

I personally, from experience would therefore not want to spend all my hard earned money on a house to be next to people who have no values, don't look after their house and are noisy.

However...I do realise that not all people who live in social housing are like this..I know some great people in social housing areas..but they are in the minority sadly from my experience.

Sorry if this offends anyone but I suppose my opinions are shaped by my experiences..and I would always avoid.

Rainbow44 Mon 09-Mar-15 07:19:40

I suppose in answer to your question I would like social housing to be built away from honest good hard working people who work and save hard for their house.

Unless they have they have the same values as me in which case I have no problem having social housing on my door step...

TFLsmum2015 Thu 19-Mar-15 20:11:58


I am a pregnant first time mum! Count me in! Please contact me.


taxi4ballet Sat 21-Mar-15 10:45:40

There are a lot of honest good hard-working people who don't earn enough to save or buy a house, or who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own. Would you mind having them as neighbours?

Rainbow44 Sat 21-Mar-15 13:06:07

Absolutely not...I don't mind at all. This is what social housing is for..if you read my post I have no problem with single mothers or good honest hardworking people living next door to me.

Unfortunately my experience of social housing has not encompassed people like has been people who have no values, are noisy and generally couldn't give a #### about their neighbours or the housing they have been given.

I am not so narrow minded that I don't realise what social housing is for. It's just I think it is abused by certain people these days and my experience has not been great.

autumnbreeze17 Fri 04-Sep-15 08:51:06

Hello again and thanks for replies ... still looking into areas in Bedfordshire to move to. I am torn between Silsoe and Flitwick or Sundon Park... opinions please ?

We work at Bedford Hospital.

Thank you smile

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