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Wondering where to buy in Greenwhich. Thoughts?

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Edhie Mon 09-Feb-15 15:56:20

Hello Greenwich mums!

My partner and I are both expats. We have been renting in North London for the past couple years, but we're ready to make the plunge and buy our own place.

I have been to Greenwich several times and liked it enough to see it as one of the main contenders for the move, but I don't know it well enough to be aware of which areas to seek and which to avoid.

We love greenery, period houses and a villagey feel, and we're looking for a spacious 2 bed flat (or small house, why not.) It's also important that we can commute to Bank quickly and easily.

What do you think, where should we be looking for a place that would fit the bill?

Thank you in advance for your help!


suebearbu Sat 14-Feb-15 13:29:34

Hi Edhie, it would all depend on your budget. Generally the west side of Greenwich is perceived to be nicer and therefore more expensive than both North and East Greenwich.

If you are commuting to Bank, you would need to be within walking distance of either Greenwich station or Cutty Sark station.

There many period houses an flats in both these areas but to be close to Greenwich Station you would need min £500k to get the period 2 bed.

If you are willing to walk 15mins to Cutty Sark station you can get a 2 bed period flat for c£450k in East Greenwich or a 2 bed house for c£600k.

Do you have children? Either location is fine, both with great access to the park. West feels a bit 'posher' and there are some beautiful grand houses.

East is better value for money and is closing the gap in terms of price with the West side. There is substantial development and investment going in to East Greenwich and you can already see it's getting busier with more people moving here. Have a look at the conservation area in East Greenwich and the roads such as Caradoc St, Braddyl St etc. Very pretty and in time, it will have easy access to the Cruise Terminal they are building at Enderby Wharf and all the faciities that will bring with the increase in tourists...

Edhie Sat 14-Feb-15 14:27:42

Thank you suebearbu! In terms of prices we're looking for a 2 bed under 600 000 pounds for sure and around 500 000 would be best, so it seems that the prices would be in line with what we expect.

We were also considering the area close to Blackheath train station (it seems to be really well connected to city center through overground trains.) What would be your thoughts on that area?

suebearbu Sat 14-Feb-15 17:14:56

The area around Blackheath station is a lot more villagey than Greenwich and also quieter due to lack of tourists, slightly older population than Greenwich (Greenwich is really mixed with elderly, young single professionals, young/mid aged couples, kids, students etc)

To get what you need, you are looking at similar prices to Greenwich, maybe slightly more....

Transport links are good, as trains do both London Bridge line and Victoria line. People working in Canary Wharf tend to get the train to Lewisham, then change onto the DLR. If you are going to Bank, may be best to go to London Bridge and change for the Northern line...

Overall, I find Blackheath not as exciting as Greenwich. More goes on Greenwich, but depends what you prefer. Blackheath definitely more villagey, but less action.

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