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Good local Pre Preps and Prep schools

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Woking8693 Mon 09-Feb-15 11:18:09

Hi I'm about to move from London to Horsell and have two children who I need to find schools for. We are only planning on renting in Horsell until we find a nice house so my search area is fairly large! Can anyone recommend a good Pre-Prep and Prep school? My daughter is in Reception and my son is in Year 3? (Sorry new to Mumsnet and dont' know all the lingo!) There seems to be tons of schools but I've no idea which ones to look at! Thanks.

Bekabeech Tue 10-Feb-15 06:28:54

Are you looking specifically for private?
If so the ones in Woking are: St Andrews, Hoe Bridge and Greenfields, which are all co-ed, and Hallstead which is for girls.
There are quiet good state primaries in Woking too. Are you Catholic?

Woking8693 Sun 15-Feb-15 22:52:18

Thanks. Not Catholic. Looked at all you suggested (on websites) all look ok. Can't decide whether co-ed is better than single sexed. Do you have any knowledge of what the schools are like?

fairgroundsnack Sun 15-Feb-15 22:56:14

Lots of good schools. Halstead lovely for girls but you have the inconvenience of separate schools. Hoe Bridge very sporty and nit a great boy/girl balance. St Andrews more musical and artistic. Green fields generally seen as the more caring, less academic/sporty option.

Woking8693 Sun 15-Feb-15 23:17:47

Thanks for this. Think I probably need them in same school from logistics point of view. Like the sound of St Andrews and Hoe Bridge. Will try to see them after half term. My daughter's quite sporty so Hoe Bridge may be ok? What are they like result wise? Do you know? My kids aren't that musical so not sure about St Andrews for that but like the look of it.

GuildfordMum22 Mon 16-Feb-15 15:07:00

From Woking you can go to the Guildford schools (lots do) which are academic and sporty: Guildford High, Lanesborough, Tormead, St Catherine's

Also heard good things about:
Hoe Bridge, Halstead is excellent (lots get into selective seniors), Hall Grove School (much more a traditional prep with lots of green space and potential to go onto public school), Eagle House, Millbourne Lodge at Esher, Rowan girls, St Hilary's Godalming, Aldro Prep

St Andrews used to have few pupils and hardly any girls but may have changed as that is dated info.

Lara53 Mon 16-Feb-15 19:37:35

St Hilary's in .godalming is co-ed until end of yr2. Most of the boys then move on to Aldro in Shackleford, but a few go to .cranleigh, Lanesborough etc. Girls mainly go to Priorsfield, but a few each year will go to St Catherines, Guildford High and Tormead. Other areas to look at I would suggest Haslemere. Loads of good schools to choose from - St Ives - Giles Haslemere Prep - boys, St Edmunds, Amesbury. Just 5 mins away in Liphook you have Brookham and Highfield and Churchers Junior School - Senior is in Petersfield.

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