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Baby observation

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Debb15 Sat 07-Feb-15 22:59:07

Hello all parents and those who are soon to be!

I am undertaking a course on early child development at the Tavistock. As part of my studies I am looking for someone kind enough to allow me to observe their baby (with mum or dad there too of course!) for one hour a week for six months. If you are soon to be a parent, have a baby under six weeks and under or have a friend who does, would you or they be interested?! We would meet prior to the observation for you to meet me and I could tell you more about it. These types of observations generally form part of child psychotherapy training and offer both parent and observer an insight into early emotional development.

I hold a current DBS (former CRB) check and can provide a letter from the Tavistock clinic to explain more about the observation. Those who have taken part in these observations have often found them to be rewarding and enjoyable!

Many thanks

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