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A good hairdresser Belfast? Any suggestions appreciated

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Cassers Thu 05-Feb-15 15:04:02

Need a change, big time. Could someone recommend a really good hairdresser in Belfast. Feel like cutting my own hair but that would be a bit drastic smile (live South belfast but for a good hairdresser I'll go a bit of a distance....

RayZ Thu 05-Feb-15 22:21:25

Sorry I'm no help. But shall shamelessly lurk on your thread!

I've been too loads. Alex mekki I disliked as they were too scissor happy and chopped too much off, David amonier salon gave me the worst 'up do' I've ever had (I washed it and redone it before going out!) and I've been to the fancy one Andrew mulvenna (treat from DH) but I didn't like it either. No one talked to me and I felt like I was the rush job in between their other important customers. My hair wasn't fully dry leaving. They were also very expensive. I am fussy - I know that!

Cassers Fri 06-Feb-15 14:10:55

Hey RayZ, lurk away smile
I've been to a lot too, annoying parting with loads of cash, when not happy and to chicken to say anything (blush).
I had the exact same experience at Andrew Mulvenna, plus I was left waiting for ages with wet hair while stylist did other haircuts to people who sat down after me...left (never to return) thinking they need to manage their appointments better. Same with Alex Mekki, plus they dyed way too much of my neck and ears for my liking and then having to slope around town later while waiting on OH....sigh!
Haven't tried the other one. But where not to go helps too smile
I don't think you're fussy to want a decent (without being break the bank expensive) hairdresser or maybe I'm just fussy too!

SilentLurker Sat 14-Feb-15 21:50:19

I have headed to Stuart at bespoke in Belmont for a few years after heading through David A, alex m and Paul s. Plus others. It's a lovely salon and I feel v personal.

shoofly Tue 24-Feb-15 16:58:07

Rogue in Bradbury Place are very good. Darren has cut and coloured my hair for a good few years, but from what I've seen of the staff in there I'd let any of them do my hair. It's a friendly place and they have a reasonable website and Facebook page if you wanted to have a wee look.
I didn't like Alex Mekkai at all and hated Paul Shappiro and Peter Mark was horrific. Was really happy to finally get great service in Rogue and wouldn't go anywhere else now.

RayZ Fri 27-Feb-15 11:09:06

Hi Shoofly, is rogue expensive? Had a friend who went there but it was costing her £80+ and it really annoyed her that they always had great offers that were only available for students not people who'd been using them a while.

shoofly Sat 28-Feb-15 10:34:25

It's not cheap tbh but it's comparable with other similar salons. I paid £96 for wash cut blow dry, colour and foils on top. It's cheaper than Alex Mekkai , Andrew Mullvenna or Stafford. They often have offers on their fb page particularly if they've had a late cancellation. I'm probably only in there every 3-4 months so I sort of figure it's worth it. I've never had a bad cut or colour in there and I like the people. Most of my friends think I'm mad to pay that much but I've had awful experiences in other places - sometimes in the case of Alex Mekkai after paying more!

Ruby6918 Mon 09-Mar-15 21:53:13

i always use trionas stewartstown road bt11, very clean, comp prices and they do nails and waxing too, turn left at bottom of backs road, i get full clour anf half head of foils and wash cut and blow dry for £35.00 i thinks thats sound

Mahoolie Fri 13-Mar-15 11:26:26

I highly recommend The Final Cut on Woodstock Rd. I went for a massive transformation (long to very short) and they made me feel so comfortable. I loved the atmosphere as well, very laid back but they make you feel important too if that makes sense?

Highlights and a cut was £72.

Jules2015 Mon 23-Mar-15 23:19:55


I've been the same looking for a good hair dresser for about a year! Never feel good if my hair doesn't feel good :-) I've been to nicola in vintage hair on elmwood avenue after recommended by a friend and after only one cut I'm much happier already :-) cut and blow dry 35 I went the whole hog cut color and few highlights which was 75! I will definitely be back grin

Ger123 Wed 22-Jul-15 20:52:46

hi , if you need a good hair dresser, get yourself a booking with Rebel Hair in Stranmillis. You wont regret it. telephone number is 02890661001

Cassers Thu 30-Jul-15 00:08:47

Cheers for the tips on hairdressers, I'm going to try them all :-)

JohnCarryl Thu 01-Jun-17 20:53:01

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Squirted Thu 01-Jun-17 23:30:41

I go to Gail in Lloyd Smith at Bradbury square. She's great. I've followed her from previous salons. Not cheap £70 for cut, colour and dry, although I get highlights and lowlights for the grey, very friendly but not intrusive which I like.

Belfastgal1234 Fri 09-Jun-17 21:25:03

I love riah on the ormeau road.. Will is fantastic!

NigellaAwesome Sun 09-Jul-17 00:33:42

You can't go wrong with Georges in Church Lane. Have been going to them for years. Family run, really hip decor and relaxing space, friendly, fantastic cuts and colours. What more could you ask?

Belfastie Sun 09-Jul-17 22:02:27

Andrew Watson, opposite police station on Lisburn road. Excellent. I'd been changing hairdressers all the time til I went there. He's great, happy to suggest if you ask but listens also.

Cassns1 Mon 23-Oct-17 21:58:10

Don't know why I always assumed George's was a barbers!! 👀

Feilin Tue 24-Oct-17 11:01:12

Absolutely love Bespoke on the Belmont road. Spent a long time trying to find a hairdresser I liked after Evolution on the Antrim rd shut and James has moved on to I dont know where . I tried various hairdressers all over town and even ones who come to your house. First appt at Bespoke and I wont be going anywhere else. Have been back 3 times now.

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