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Does anyone have any experience of the schooling at Wakefield Girls High

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xxbeckyx Thu 05-Feb-15 14:07:34

I was very pleased that my DD has been offered a place to start in Sept 2015 however since i have heard rumors of bad cases of bullying and serious pressure and stress put on the girls. Even alleged cases of girls self harming!

I dont know if it is just scaremongering but i guess it has put a twist on the amazing positive outlook that was portrayed and perceived on our visits.

My DD got in with no additional tutoring and just on her academics from state junior school so I do believe she will be able to keep up with the work load, but the bullying is a concern as my DD can be quite shy/ not always brave enough to stand up for herself.

If anyone has any comments or recent personal experience that can waylay my worries i would be greatly appreciative smile

DandelionStarz Sat 14-Feb-15 09:02:13

I've got one daughter at the school and another that will start in September. My dd is very happy there, I've not been aware of any major bullying and only of what I would call normal fallings out that have been dealt with quickly and efficiently by the school if needed. I've just asked dd and she said there's not much bullying and the school are very good at dealing with it.
My dd hasn't struggled with the academic workload at all. They get homework most nights, 2 pieces in year 7, which they are only meant to spend up to 1/2 an hour on each and stop even if they haven't finished. The girls quite often do their homework together during the lunch break so they don't have to bring any home.
Our experience of the school has been very positive.

DandelionStarz Sat 14-Feb-15 09:41:13

Another thing that I've thought of, is the new girls seem to mix relatively easily with those that have come up from the junior school, the staff make a big effort with this.
Also lunchtime clubs help them to mix and make new friends.

PiggyT Thu 19-Feb-15 12:24:40

I went and didn't love school, the all girls environment is bitchy and I don't look back on any of the teachers and think they were excellent.

I plan to send my little ones to Silcoates, I had a family member and my husband go through Silcoates and their experiences outweighed mine and my friends by a long way.

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