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where is a good place to live near brighton 2015?

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pollybean Mon 02-Feb-15 18:21:34

hi there

we are due our first baby in june - planning on moving to bexhill or close to brighton - any ideas where is a good place to live for a new family? i like to be busy with new mother and baby groups - its a bonus to making friends in a new area - which we will need. im looking for opportunities to open up my life as a new mum! all info really welcome.

thanks guys

ViktorijaB Wed 11-Feb-15 15:05:50

Hi, have you moved already? How's going?

We are in Eastbourne and also very new to the area. We love it.

Im 5 weeks pregnant and am looking to meeting other pregnant mums.
Im 37 and this is my first.

Lets get in touch!

pollybean Wed 11-Feb-15 21:23:31

Hi there

We are not there yet but getting there! 5weeks... Girl youve got ages yet! Although i say that- only a minute ago i was 24wks and man those days are going fast and these boobs are getting bigger! Are you excited? I am 35... Its the new way isnt it! Hubby, going for an interview on 17th feb so hopefully we shall be with you all very soon! Thanks for getting in touch! Il keep incontact- hope youre feeling ok? Stay warm x

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