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West Middlesex Hospital or Kingston Hospital

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Pimmstrake Mon 02-Feb-15 13:13:39

Hi all,

I've just found out I'm pregnant, saw the Doctor this morning who said I could self-refer to either West Middlesex Hospital or Kingston Hospital. I've only had one experience with each hospital and nothing to do with their maternity wards (this being potential number 1!).

Does anyone have any recent experience of maternity care with either hospital? We're fairly close to both, West Middlesex perhaps slightly closer.

Thank you in advance!

MNKingstonSurrey Sun 15-Feb-15 20:49:55

Hello, we're going to share this post on Twitter (@MumsnetKingston) so you'll hopefully see feedback shortly.

Thanks for posting smile

Local Editor

WestMidHospital Tue 17-Feb-15 12:53:35

Definitely choose us (West Mid Hospital)!

We've just opened a brand new extension to our maternity unit, and gave the Mayor of Richmond a tour of

Obviously we are biased but our new facilities are really fantastic and now is a great time to refer yourself so you can be amongst the first to benefit from them.

We cater for all types of birth choice including home births and a natural birth experience in a home from home environment in hospital. We have also recently been re-accredited by UNICEF at the highest level as a baby friendly hospital - meaning we do lots to promote breast feeding.

We wish you well and please do consider us to have your baby.

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