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Moving to East Sheen

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Puffin79 Mon 02-Feb-15 11:21:27

Hi everyone, I'm going to be moving to East Sheen at the end of March with my husband and our 2.5 year old daughter and I have lots of questions which I was hoping that someone could help with : )

Firstly, it seems like a lovely place to live, I'd be keen to meet up with any other Mums in the area for coffee (I work full time but sometimes work from home so could do weekends or the occasional late afternoon meet up). Is anyone interested?

Secondly, does anyone have a view on any of the day nurseries locally? Kids Inc will be the closest to my house and I'm visiting there on Friday. I already looked at Grena Road a Asquith's Richmond. Can anyone give me any feedback?

Thanks everyone, hope to chat some more soon xx

toomuchcoffeetoomuchwine Fri 20-Mar-15 17:29:05

Hi hi,
I have quite a few friends with kids in Kids Inc and they all are very happy with it. If you have any more questions about E Sheen pls feel free to private message me if you can work out how to do that, I have no idea myself...

safetyzone Mon 23-Mar-15 09:25:58

Hi and welcome!

The people I know send their kids to Working Mums, and they all seem to be quite happy about it. Can't help with Kids Inc but I'm sure it's fine, I've not heard anything negative about it.

I also work full time but am happy to meet up in the weekends! PM me too if you want to chat.

keely79 Fri 15-May-15 14:26:03

Hello! How are you doing. We're in East Sheen (DD5, and DS3) and it's a lovely place to bring up children. I assume from the ones you've named that you're looking for a full day nursery. If not (i.e. you have au pair or nanny share for pre/post school day), then my son goes to Sheen Montessori which is great - my daughter went there for 2 years before she started school as well.

soodster Wed 09-Sep-15 13:15:36


We are also looking to move to East Sheen in a month or so and would love to meet up with local parents in the area! I would also value any advice on the schools and nurseries in the area. I believe Sheen Mount Primary would be closest to us. Are there any parents here who send their DC to that school? I would be very grateful for any feedback on the schools. My DS is a sensitive boy (and a summer baby to boot) and I am looking for comfort that the school provides not just academic results but also excellent pastoral care!

I have also heard/read that the school is considered to be some sort of a state 'prep' school. Is that correct? What secondary schools do leavers from Sheen Mount attend? I hear that a vast majority do head to the independent schools, presumably with a lot of behind the scenes tutoring. Is that correct?

Grateful for any information on the school's atmosphere and exit results.

Thank you!

haribj Sat 24-Oct-15 16:48:46

i use working mums and they are great albeit not cheap. they do have the worst name ever though. who calls their nursery working mums? is just the worst name. been there six months now and haven't told them how much i hate it. maybe i will.

they are great though, not massively flexible in an emergency but that is because they are busy. staff are great

haribj Sat 24-Oct-15 16:55:39

i don't know about Sheen Mount btw - my kid goes to East Sheen. But both schools are huge, Sheen Mount is thought of locally as being the best. I know two children at it and their mum is pretty happy with it, but if you are looking for comfort and your child is sensitive perhaps look elsewhere as it is very large. the new school in the area, tompson house maybe? most avoid it as it is new and so it isn't full up to the oldest years. but because of this I bet they would put a great deal of extra effort into making the kids they have there comfortable. and i think for a sensitive child, a smaller school is probably the best place.
i am thinking of taking mine out of school in a few years (for a gap year) and was worrying about losing my place at East Sheen but since she has started there I am less bothered. I will definitely look into Thompson House. she will learn most things from me and my husband over the next seven years and the purpose of school is to teach her independence from us, not academics yet. These schools are truly enormous with up to 90 kids in each year. Thompson house is likely considerably smaller.

haribj Sat 24-Oct-15 16:57:54

i stumbled upon mumsnet by accident just five mins ago as i was looking for medical advice, my kid has a tummy upset. and i had to register. i worry have opened a can of worms and am going to be posting all kinds of rubbish now. as if i don't have enough ways to waste my valuable spare time....! ooops

do you find it a useful place for info. so am blabbering on about schools when should be looking for tummy upset tips. oh dear.

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