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Jags vs Ducks?

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Mammalondinese Sat 31-Jan-15 04:06:22

Dear mums,
after 14 years in London have now spent our last 2 yrs abroad. Willing to come back for the school year starting in September, I took my kids (boy of 6 and girl of 4) back several times to test in schools in Clapham (where we used to live before moving abroad) and Dulwich.

In Dulwich - for my 4 yr old daughter- we have a definite offer at Ducks and Jags. Alleyns came back negative. Not even waiting list. No other options for her. I now have 6 days to decide if paying Jags deposit or not.
I was never too keen on single sex school for my girl as I am totally unfamiliar with them. I'd put my son in a boys only school very happily though as I am convinced boys do need a different teaching style and whilst they may benefit from boys only classes, I don't think the same is necessarily true for girls- or should I say my daughter.

My issue with Ducks on the other hand is that at 7 my girl would have to test in several schools anyway and God knows what offers we would get?!?

Do you have any advice for a mum like me, still living abroad, having to make choices of not only schools, but house etc not having a clear picture of each schools benefits.

What would you say about Ducks vs Jags?

HerneHillHelen Tue 03-Feb-15 18:08:11

I have a 1 yo DD and have loked at both schools but have no direct experience as such.

Based on the information I have now I would choose Jags for my DD. This is because at Ducks the boys can stay on at 7 (by applying to Dulwich College) but the girls have to leave. For me it doesn't sit quite right for me for DD to get a message like that at a young age.

That said, I think they are both brilliant schools so I'm sure your DD will do great in either.

Mammalondinese Tue 03-Feb-15 18:52:01

Dear Helen,
Thanks for your reply. I also have a 6 yrs old son who's going to attend Y2 in Ducks and then will try gain access to Dulwich College. The passage to the college for boys is not automatic at all. The have to sit an exam in the January of entry year and if they don't do well, they don't get a spot at the college. So, I suppose it's the same as girls having to sit exams to gain entry in other schools.

For me the issue us more about one sex schools vs co-Ed which I am not sure about.
More comfortable the idea of boys school for my son than girls for my daughter.

What is your view about that?

HerneHillHelen Tue 03-Feb-15 19:11:18

Hello OP, firstly apologies for my typos, I clearly need to go back to school myself!

I'm from Scandinavia/US where single sex schools are unheard of so I found the idea quite alien at first. Truth be told, I would prefer all education to be mixed on principle. I do think it sends the wrong message to separate children on the basis of their gender.

However, back to the current reality - I think girls also do better academically in single sex schools. There is often a sister/brother school so there is some communication across gender lines.

Although I would like my DD to go to a mixed school, I think the opportunity to go to Japs/Jags, one of the tip top girls' schools in the country, might make me reconsider that principle.

There are other excellent mixed independent schools in the area though so you could consider those? They each have their own vibe.

For example Rosemead is mixed and the children stay until 11.

HerneHillHelen Tue 03-Feb-15 19:23:53

Also, my limited experience of visiting the different schools, reading reviews, speaking to parents - the children in these schools will be working hard to prepare for the 7+ exams and for the girls the first choice school they are aiming for is mainly Japs/Jags. So if my DD has been offered a place there I would accept it. It might be more relaxed to be in already in one way! (Although I know relaxing isn't the general vibe of these academically excelkent schools, all relative).

Mammalondinese Tue 03-Feb-15 19:34:05

Thanks so much for your advice/views...I have until 6th Feb to accept Japs and pay...after having already paid Ducks in December. I hope Ducks would allow me to transfer money paid towards my son's fees...thanks again for sharing..

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