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Can somebody talk to me about Exeter schools?

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Yoruba Fri 30-Jan-15 14:04:23

Thinking of moving to the area from Surrey in September or potentially next September.

Have 3 dc, a dd who is five and will be going into year 2 and 2 baby boys.

Dd so far seems very clever, not sporty, but enjoys choir, drama, music. She's quite shy, particularly in big groups.

We are looking at the Maynard and I've heard they're doing year 2 entrance soon which would be ideal - I like the academic side of it. Does anyone know how stringent the entrance exam is and what they'll be expecting? I'm slightly concerned by the idea that it's very small and perhaps cliquey as the girls get older. There's not much room for someone to be "different". If they don't fit I wonder if there's an element of exclusion?
I also wonder if she would prefer to go to a co ed school (she says she wants her brothers to go the same school as her!) but don't know how important that is.. Also, as she'll have moved school, I like the idea of it going to 18 for less change for her.

I'm not a massive fan of Exeter school - seemed boy heavy in the brochure and I've heard it's more sporty and less musical which I don't think would suit dd as much... She hasn't shown much interest in sports! Though enjoys gym. I will go and visit it anyway as I have two boys to find somewhere for eventually!

Bramdean seems ok and st wilifreds and I like the nurturing vibe I get from there, but it doesn't blow me away.
I liked the cathedral school but it's ISI report didn't seem spectacular.

Would also happily consider any state options? We haven't chosen an area yet - need to be close to the m5 for commute to Taunton so that side of Exeter but schools are very important so can base the decision largely on where the best school option is.

Thanks smile

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