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Peak time trains to London from TW and High Brooms

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GemSprag Mon 26-Jan-15 21:11:04

Hi There,
We are in the process of moving to Tunbridge Wells and my husband will be commuting to London every day. What are peoples experiences of getting on a train at TW or High Brooms - are they packed by the time they get to High Brooms or is it still possible to get on? What is the train service like generally and how has it been with the disruption at London Bridge? Any comments/experiences much appreciated. Many thanks!

jaundicedoutlook Tue 27-Jan-15 22:51:20

A lot of trains start from TW in the morning. The earlier ones (up to 7.30 ish) don't get full until they get to Tonbridge. The trains that start at Hastings tend to fill up a bit faster and can be close to full at HB. Trains arriving in London just before 9 tend to be the busiest...

Don't get them personally but DH does every morning and copes fine. Service not as bad as the moaners would have you believe, except on the occasions when it is bad it is truly horrid...

On the whole DH says the commute is much less of an ordeal than he feared when we moved out of London.

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