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New Job in Slough....moving up from Surrey, where would you move?

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Azzurro Sun 25-Jan-15 09:55:26

Hello all,
New to this site, I have just got an offer for a new job in Slough where DH also work, we want to move as that would finally mean no long commute for him from Surrey (leaves at 6am)....downside is DD will be starting school in September so need to find somewhere to rent while we sort out the sale; we live in a pretty little village with lots of good schools so I am a bit nervous we will unlike to find a similar settings (both primary and secondary in walking distances)..there is not much else apart from fields woods and horses so very calm and safe area...also we would love that, we are in the proximity of both guildford and kingston so shopping and restaurants are very close, as they are the M25 junctions 9 and 10....would not need that anymore but easy access to Slough would be a need the moon on a stick!!! But really my upmost requirement would be good school with aftercare clubs and plenty of clubs at holidays, we are looking in the region of 650-700k but could stretch a bit more (provided schools are free)......any idea or comment welcome, also would it mind South Bucks thanks x

CharlesRyder Sun 25-Jan-15 10:01:33

Windsor in the catchment for St Edward's first and middle. Or Marlow. You should be able to get a decent house for 700k in either area.

If you want more of a village feel maybe Cookham although I think the schools are a bit up and down.

CharlesRyder Sun 25-Jan-15 10:13:32

For example this is right over the road from St Edwards First and Middle. It is next to a park with lovely play equipment and you can walk down the river into Windsor. On a clear road you are 10mins away from the Trading Estate, although the relief road can be busy so will add a few minutes at peak times.

Windsor is a brilliant place for families and, well, anyone really!

Azzurro Sun 25-Jan-15 10:21:13

Thank you!
We like Windsor but excluded it because of the flight path noise, used to leave in Richmond and it was way to noisy, what's your opinion?

CharlesRyder Sun 25-Jan-15 10:25:49

There is quite bad flight path noise in parts of Windsor. Locals just get used to it and tune it out. Windsor offers such a great lifestyle I wouldn't rule it out because of the planes.

I don't like Marlow as much as Windsor but other people rave about it so maybe worth considering. Avoid the Foxes Piece catchment though!

Azzurro Sun 25-Jan-15 12:40:41

What parts of Windsor have the least flight noise? Are that nice? Thanks

CharlesRyder Sun 25-Jan-15 13:20:07

The further North West you edge the better. Wraysbury is terrible- I couldn't live there. Datchet not great. West Windsor is better. If you went as far as Dorney or Bray (both nice) the noise would be minimal.

There are two free schools, Braywick Court (primary) and Holyport Manor (secondary), which look to be going well if you went out that far.

CharlesRyder Sun 25-Jan-15 13:25:29

Sorry, Holyport College. Holyport Manor was the name of the previous school on the site.

RedKiteMaidenhead Sun 25-Jan-15 13:28:38

Maidenhead and the surrounding villages? Cookham is a bit too pricey, I think, and the nicer bits of Marlow too. But there are nice villagey areas around Maidenhead. Schools are good, from what I hear, although we are not at that stage yet. Virtually no aircraft noise.

Azzurro Sun 25-Jan-15 13:47:56

yes was checking Cookham, pricey but will defo visit it, as well as those parts of Windsor, west area looks lovely! I was reading in another blog that Berks has the 3 tier system, which sound good as avoid 11 year olds to mix with 17 year olds etc. do/did you have kids going through schooling in a 3-tier system? Pros and contra?

Azzurro Sun 25-Jan-15 13:49:07

And about Maidenhead, what are the best area? Is the furze platz area nice?

RedKiteMaidenhead Sun 25-Jan-15 13:59:47

The southern part of Furze Platt is quite nice, I'm not so keen on the central area of Furze Platt. If you look on this map of primary school designated areas, the bits I like are Boyne Hill (dark pink / 1&4, but not the road closest to the train line), All Saints / St Marks / Courthouse (green / 2&9), southern half of Furze Platt (blue / 11&12), White Waltham (25) and Holyport (14). Also Cookham Dean and Cookham Rise if not too expensive (I'd love to live in Cookham village, but the prices are eye watering).
I've only lived here for a year myself, so I don't know a huge amount about the place, but this is the feeling I've got so far. We are in the All Saints area and I love it.

Azzurro Sun 25-Jan-15 14:35:51

Thank you so much this is very helpful! So what is so fancy in Cookham? Why is it so up-market? Can see few nice place to eat...

RedKiteMaidenhead Mon 26-Jan-15 09:29:13

It does have some very nice places to eat. I don't know really. I think there may be a lot of boat-y types there - there's a sailing club, and one or two boatyards. It just seems to be home to quite a lot of people with a lot of money.

Azzurro Wed 28-Jan-15 13:28:36

Thank you RedKiteMaidenhead, will be in Maidenhead and Cookham on Saturday to do some looking around, probably will visit Cookham from dinner, which restaurant would you recommend?

RedKiteMaidenhead Wed 28-Jan-15 13:51:51

My friend loves the Bel and Dragon, although we've never managed to get it (it is definitely worth booking). I really like the Kings Arms. There are a few others along the high street which I have not been to, but look quite nice.
I hope the weather is good for you on Saturday! It is horrible out there today...

RedKiteMaidenhead Sat 07-Feb-15 19:14:39

What did you make of it, Azzurro?

Azzurro Fri 13-Feb-15 22:11:16

Loved Cookham and Marlow, not really warmed up to Maidenhead. Liked the area around Holyport toward Windsor (Bray and Fifield)....still very confused...

sarahq69 Mon 16-Feb-15 19:25:18

We're looking at the same areas as you. We currently live in Bracknell and my husband works in Windsor. However, now we have our oldest in reception at school, we want to move out of Bracknell as it's really pikey. We've been looking at Cookham, Marlow, villages north of Marlow (Lane End etc), Winkfield (including Fifield and Holyport) and the outskirts of Maidenhead. We're also now looking at Wokingham and the villages around there. We've been looking for about a month and so far we've found that whilst Cookham is lovely, it is the 2nd most expensive place (supposedly) in the UK. It's mostly because it's picturesque and close to London. Cookham Dean in particular is to die for, but to get the same size property as we currently have, we would need to spend at least double if not almost triple. We're looking at a couple of projects that we could add value to as an alternative. Holyport is nice, but very close to the motorway and therefore quite noisy. Marlow is lovely, but as with any town, there are nice areas and not such nice areas. West Marlow is the place to be, but you pay for the priviledge. The villages north of there are lovely although Lane End is a bit pikey. Wheeler End, Frierth and places like that are good though and grammar school catchment areas. We're not keen on Maidenhead either. Winkfield is lovely. Semi rural, but close to amenities. We were gutted as there is the most amazing house in Oakley Green on the market (we're in a similar price bracket to you) which is a converted post office (we like character properties). We so wanted to buy it, but it's got no garage, minimal garden and in a pub car park. Just too many negatives for us to spend that kind of money. We've now started looking at Wokingham. You get much more for your money, whilst it's still a lovely place. It's a little further on the commute, but my husband can go cross country so whilst it's further than the crow flies, it's quicker in commute time (no motorways to contend with). We're still a little confused about what we're going to do. Our house has only just gone on the market so it's early days for us, but our ideal location (Cookham and West Marlow) are just so expensive. Marlow has a family friendly area called Marlow Bottom with a good school. I personally don't like housing estates which is why we're not considering it and whilst it's slightly different to a housing estate (the houses are all different - very eclectic) we prefer a bit more space. It's supposed to be a really popular place though.

Azzurro Tue 17-Feb-15 08:15:48

Thank you Sarahq69 very helpful review, you have done such great research...I have not visited Winkfield but was on my radar, so great to hear it is lovely! I have now discounted Marlow as it is lovely but a bit too out of the way, we would love to be very close to our work to allow easy drop off at school and pick up at 4.15! I am going to have a look again at windsor, so many plus (good primary and secondary schools in short distances, great entertainment and close to various amenities) but not sure I would be able to cope with the flights idea how bad it is!?! Will definitely have a look at Farnham Common and Wokingham too now you mentioned it! How far/long Would be the commute? Still very confused...

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