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Schools for East Twickenham Petition

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KidzFunEastTwick Thu 22-Jan-15 11:22:32

Sign our petition for a school in East Twickenham! East Twickenham signatures especially welcome.
East Twickenham has no school at all, and our children can't get places in the schools next door. The proposed free school on the Ryde House site, Richmond Road, will now be built in Richmond. Things are expected only to get worse in the years to come.
We are calling on the Council to do everything they can to bring a school to East Twickenham. Please sign our petition on
Thank you for helping

DonsDrapers Fri 23-Jan-15 11:42:51

Have you thought about campaigning for the schools which are the closest to the area to change their admissions to allow for more local children to get spaces ?

I am not sure which is relevant, but maybe by introducing a lower priority category for state schools for siblings outside a certain distance like is being proposed in Wandsworth or for church schools to introduce a 'for children for whom the school is the closest category' or relaxing it's faith criteria? What sort of distances are these schools children travelling ? It might be possible to ask for this info under FoI and present a case for change.

I will sign the petition anyway as have nothing but sympathy having deserted the borough for want of a school place for my children a while ago.

muminlondon2 Sun 25-Jan-15 09:03:34

The Question Time event for St Margarets and East Twickenham is well-timed.

Sally2080 Wed 04-Feb-15 09:47:18

I've signed the petition and would urge others to do the same!

I have a son due to start school this September and have no idea where he might end up. The proposed free school in East Twickenham has now moved nearly 2 miles to the East but I suspect the council/schools will use it as a reason not to work hard to create local places for East Twickenham kids.

The council is busy patting themselves on the back and bragging about creating new school places but they seem to be going for the easy adds rather then solving the real problem areas. I'm not political or particularly party inclined (I mixed my votes in the recent council elections) but I cannot tell you how pissed off I was when I saw the Conservative councillors give a round of applause when the primary school admissions were discussed at a recent council meeting - yes - I have become that much of a school geek!

Unfortunately I can't make the question time event as we're on holiday but I hope there are some questions asked about primary school places! East Twickenham IS really tricky. There is no obvious site - outside of Ryde House which has been bought by Lidl. Has any council ever done anything innovative like build/expand a school and then "designate" a point to determine admissions for that expansion? How does the Waldegrave area A and B work??? Could that be a solution for East Twickenham? I for one would be ok with a location towards Twickenham or an extra class one of the local schools - i'd just like something within a mile or so.

AbsintheAndChips Wed 04-Feb-15 21:40:47

I'll sign it (though I'm afraid I am in North Sheen). I am shocked that Richmond Bridge Primary fell through - there is plenty of need in the area. I went to Orleans and St Stephens as a kid and wouldn't get in to either now from my childhood home.

BayJay2 Thu 05-Feb-15 22:03:28

"yes - I have become that much of a school geek!"

Then you're in good company here Sally2080. Feel free to join us over on the Richmond school chat thread. smile

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