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moving to Inverness from USA

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kberry2015 Thu 22-Jan-15 00:42:20

I am moving to Inverness from the US some time in the next few months with my husband and 6 year old daughter. We are completely clueless about good areas in which to live and would appreciate any advice. Of course we would like to be in the catchment areas for good schools, but we don't know much about which schools are good. Rural and/or outlying areas are fine. We would just like to be within a 20 minute drive from Inverness, if possible. Thanks for your help!

ghostinthecanvas Thu 22-Jan-15 15:39:31

Ooh. Inverness is nice. It depends on your budget and what side of invereness would be best. Are you moving to work there? If so, tell us where and we can work out from there. I love the Black Isle area and round Culloden. There are lots of nice areas in town too.

WeeMinion Thu 22-Jan-15 15:47:17

Nairn is nice, has a nice beach and is 20 minutes drive from inverness. It has two primary schools and a high school. smile

kberry2015 Thu 22-Jan-15 16:38:57

Thank you for the suggestions! We are moving there to open a business. Exact location is not chosen yet, but will be retail either in city center or in one of the retail parks just outside. We'd like to keep it under 400,000 GBP- the lower the better, but would prefer a detached home with at least 3 bedrooms. Renting for a short while is fine as well, but we have a large dog that must come with us. I'm glad to hear that Black Isle and Nairn are nice since we have been looking there on the internet.

ghostinthecanvas Thu 22-Jan-15 16:54:40

That sounds very exciting. If you go city centre, thete are nice properties within walking distance. Near the river and the area known locally as 'the islands', which aren't islands as such but lots of green areas for dogs and lovely older properties. If you go retail parks, you can't go wrong looking along the shoreline. The areas are all so different, renting is probably best til you find something that suits you all.

Overunbydinosaurs Sat 24-Jan-15 12:36:33

Moved to Nairn 18months ago. It's great. Beautiful beaches and parks, 20 mins to Inverness.

If you like period properties, you could get something really gorgeous for 400,000.

This 6 bedroom house is under 500,000 at the moment. Very similar 4 and 5 bedroom houses come up from time to time in the same area around 400,000 point (and current market usually means offers 25k less accepted).

ustomer Fri 01-May-15 13:35:32

Aviemore is quite nice too. There are a few smaller villiages between Aviemore and Inverness which are worth looking at like Carbridge and Tomatin. Good luck with your move.

AutumnshadesofGold Fri 01-May-15 13:42:11

Try looking at Strathpeffer too, it's beautiful ��

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