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looking for toddler childcare advice, South belfast

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michmceye Mon 19-Jan-15 17:14:21

Hello there, I have 2 year old twins and was looking for a nursery half a day a week- mainly to give me a few hours break but also to help them socialise a bit. I have found a community centre on the suffolk road which looks perfect but is just a little far away. We are close to the city hospital, Lisburn Rd. All of the private nurseries - rascals, kids at bt9 etc- are all very expensive and also want them generally for a minimum of 2 days. I think I need something community centre based
........ Any ideas???? Thanks in advance

Lelo1988 Wed 21-Jan-15 21:50:04

Does anyone have any idea if there is any modelling companies in northern ireland for babies?flowerssmile

BelfastLocalEditor Fri 23-Jan-15 19:09:15

Hiya... did you find somewhere? Sorry the chat is a bit slow here and nobody has got back to you yet... perhaps if you find somewhere you wouldn't mind coming back and telling us about it?
Best wishes

justupthebend Fri 23-Jan-15 20:48:30

I was able to put my dd in a Sure Start crèche for one morning a week - is the one you're looking at Colin Glen? There is a Sure Start office in the Donegall Road, I think they have a crèche/nursery.

michmceye Wed 04-Feb-15 23:03:19

Hello, thanks for the reply justupthebend. I looked at village surestart but it wasnt much cheaper than the private nursery and not as flexible. It was glen community centre on suffolk road which was £15 per half day and very flexible and nice. I think we are going to go with wee care which is expensive at £33 for half day for one but is walking distance and they are happy to take them. I really can't believe there aren't any more community/church based groups even for few hours or so per day! I know there are plenty of mother and toddlers...but not what I am after just now.

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