Moving to...Cockermouth?

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NKfell Fri 16-Jan-15 14:58:00

I live in Keswick but now I need an extra bedroom so I need to move, unfortunately I just can't afford to stay here so...Cockermouth?

Bassenthwaite would have been ideal but there's nothing coming up in price range. I'm a country girl so I'm a bit apprehensive of proper town living!

I'm wondering if I'm missing something? Where else would be affordable?(and a flat/house and not falling apart- I saw an outer shell and a plot of land I could afford!)- as close to Keswick as possible so I'm near my family.

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happyincumbria Sun 08-Feb-15 22:29:13

I've just come across this so hope the advice isn't too late. I'd say: just do it! Cockermouth is a brilliant little place - I don't know what age you are but there's plenty to do and see, a decent range of bars and restaurants and getting better, little theatre, good schools, affordable housing (though more expensive than West Coast). We've been here 20+ years and never looked back. For this area, there's also a diverse range of people so you have the best of both worlds - not Hicksville but not scary urban living. If you want the 'country' thing, I certainly wouldn't be afraid of Cockermouth though there are plenty of pleasant villages nearby which I would imagine are cheaper than Bassenthwite - Papcastle (though not much land available), Embleton, Brigham, Eaglesfield and a few of the places up the Carlisle road way such as Bothel, Sunderland etc. I love Keswick, but I would perhaps be so bold to say that Cockermouth has a better community spirit as there is less influence of a transient community such as second home-owners, tourists etc. Good luck!

NKfell Tue 10-Mar-15 16:01:36

I've lived in Keswick all my life so it's just a bit scary the thought of moving somewhere new!

I go to Cockermouth for shopping and have a couple of friends there. It's easy to get to so it does seem the best choice.

I love what the tourists and second home owners bring to my town, I just hate how they drive the costs of living up. Also, seeing so many empty houses makes my blood boil but, I digress!

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NKFell Mon 24-Jul-17 17:25:51

Hey just saw my old thread- in case anyone has the same dilemma...I didn't move! grin

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