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Nervous mum looking for friends

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ZeussCat Thu 15-Jan-15 15:50:12

Hi not sure if my OP has appeared or not so will try to remember the jist and write again, apologies if the same thing more or less shows up twice!

I'm a 30yr old single mum to a 2 year old DS in SE3 area, I'm currently in the process of trying to reconcile my marriage with DS father.

I'm looking for friends but currently fairly fragile hence posting here to be upfront and give people the opportunity to decide upfront if they would like to be friends or not - my reason for this is that I suffered from very bad antenatal depression and post natal anxiety (which continues) and I have been quite hurt losing some friends who could not understand my mental health battle.

I've lost a lot of confidence, and put on a lot of weight through medication and am hoping that I could make a few friendships with people who are in the same boat or happy to accept that this is me

I have turned fairly green since having DS - like to limit chemicals etc, I try to afford organic where I can, I do meditation, I don't think homeopathy is a load of crap - although I don't think western medicine is evil either but usually avoid calpol, antibiotics etc in favour of natural remedies and have occasionally used homeopathy as a first choice. I have vaccinated DS but on a very delayed schedule privately so he's not fully up to date yet. I also believe going gluten free has had a really positive impact on my son - but I'm not an evangelist for this, it just so happened to work when we tried so we're sticking with it for now. I doubt I can afford it, but if I could I would have wanted to send DS to the steiner school or homeschool him.

Im writing all this in the hope that someone won't feel later on offended by my choices, even if people don't hold the same views as me I would like to be friends but just dont want to risk being attacked over my choices which have been made through many agonising sleepless nights as I know they're hotly debated topics. Therefore putting it up there from the start

if anyone feels we would see eye to eye, then this lonely mummy would love you to PM me.

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