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rebecca16 Wed 14-Jan-15 10:28:39

Can anyone recommended a maths tutor for GCSE level? Thankyou.

holeinmyheart Wed 14-Jan-15 23:07:35

Sorry I can't help with finding a Maths Tutor but, Try Khan Academy. Com. it is free Maths tuition web site funded by Bill Gates. It will send you emails each month showing how long your son/ daughter has been on and what they did and practised. It is brilliant and interactive. It has clear explanatory videos. ALL FREE.
Also Maths Is Fun and IXL maths will show you what he should be learning/ or know during the two year GCSE course. If you get some past papers printed out, available from any Exam Board and ask him to do one or two you could identify his weaknesss yourself. The exam papers come with answers. It is all about practise.
I think Khan Academy is brilliant.

You need to find out what Exam Board and what level your son is taking and buy a revision guide from ebay or Amazon.
I think with the input from his school, your imput, his imput, a revision guide and Khan Academy, he should be fine.

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