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Proposed statement, no hrs specified, L.A. say that's how it's done in Herts-TRUE???

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clare2223 Tue 13-Jan-15 16:09:50

I have recently moved into Herts and my son's statement, originally issued in Hackney with 19 hrs per week attached, has been moved across too. When I saw that proposed statement it looked pretty much like like the old Hackney one with a just 1, but a huge thing, missing - it did not have any hours specified at all. I have been told by the L.A. that that is how it's done in Herts but I'm suspicious - the head at his school talked about there being no funding attached for them unless it was over a certain number of hours and the secondary school we went to see said something similar. So it seems to me that schools are talking about hours when the L.A. seems to be denying they are specified as a rule.
My whole experience with the statementing process has left me hugely cynical and untrusting so I'd just like to gather some evidence/get an idea of whether people are being issued with less vague statements.
I have been in touch with IPSEA who were, as always, amazing - told me not to accept it and to ask for a meeting with them - that the statement should be quantifiable, which was what I was thinking. They said that case law has proved this so to stand my ground. I'd just be very happy to hear from other people with statements in Herts to see if they have specified and quantifiable support on their statements. It would give me confidence to be more insistent in my meeting with L.A.
Many thanks,

OrangeFootedScrubfowl Tue 13-Jan-15 16:20:40

Could you post on the SN board? I don't know about Herts but my local boards don't get many people looking at them.

clare2223 Tue 13-Jan-15 21:27:29

Thank you - I did this also but thanks for taking the time to suggest this.

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