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Breastfeeding in public

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jennyEst Tue 13-Jan-15 14:04:49

Hey there fellow mums,

I'm a mother, my daughter is nearly 8months old now and I am bf. I also happen to be a BA journalism student, so when I am at uni I bring my pump so that I can express.

Having heard about the BF in the media recently:
-Claridges Hotel incident, whereby a mother was told to 'cover-up'
-And more recently the Pope advising mothers at a mass baptism that the mothers COULD go ahead and start BF.
...I decided to pitch an article to my editor about breast feeding in public.

Ladies, I'm planning to interview a couple of fellow mums, but in the mean time would love to hear about your experiences of BF in public.

I'm sure you are all already familiar with the Equality Act guidelines but heres a list of places that us mums are protected from:
-sports and leisure facilities
-public buildings
-public transport such as buses, trains and planes
-You are protected in shops
-public, restaurants
-hotels regardless of how big or small.
-petrol stations
(The Equality Act 2010)

I look forward to hearing your stories smile

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