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Anyone Else Getting More and More Disappointed With Wakefield

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MrCoulthard Sun 11-Jan-15 13:42:40

I'm just wondering if it's me or has Wakefield become more and more rubbish. I was having a talk with some friends and they have wonderful memories of Wakey in the late 80 and early 90s. But it doesn't feel like that anymore.

Shops are closing left right and center and being replaced by Discounts/Pound Shops.

The Ridings is half empty

Bottom half of Kirkgate is half empty

People are leaving the market (Should never have closed the old one down)

It may be just because I've lived in Northampton and Birmingham but Im getting more disappointed in Wakefield

TheWakefieldOne Sun 11-Jan-15 20:54:59

I've only lived in Wakefield for seven years, but I think it's got better; it's more modern and Trinity Walk has normalised what was (and still is, for the most part) an out-dated and dirty town centre.

Stripyhoglets Sun 01-Feb-15 23:03:50

I think it's much better too now, although Trinity Walk has affected then Ridings alot. There's just too much in the way of shopping now, but there is now some decent shops and places to eat. The Hepworth is fab too.

PiggyT Thu 19-Feb-15 12:46:41

Trinity Walk is nice, unfortunately though, it's killing off the original high streets and the smaller traders. Wakefield is no longer a place I'd head to for shopping.

EagleNebula Fri 27-Feb-15 12:10:28

I've lived in the area for about 10 years and I think it's miles better. I hardly went to Wakefield in the early days, it just seemed really dirty and run down.

Aside from the shopping area, the area around Westgate has improved enormously, and thank God they are getting on refurbing Kirkgate as the old station was hideous and having to wait for a train there by yourself at night was frankly terrifying.

That said, I would still probably head to White Rose to do some shopping - takes me as long on the M62 to get there as it does the road into Wakefield, and it's free parking.

boobymama Tue 01-Aug-17 16:11:06

Ive lived in Wakefield all my life and it has really gone downhill. I cannot believe Wakefield Town centre. I know trinity walk is okay,but Im afraid i think its the times we live in!!!!

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