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Moving to Bath outskirts, help/advice needed please

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GuyMartinsSideburns Wed 07-Jan-15 13:49:46

I've got a thread in property, if anyone wouldn't mind having a read? Sorry I can't do links. Basically we need to move a few miles out of Bath, or anywhere really where dh can commute to salttford. We've lived in Bath for years but aren't frok here and so don't know the surrounding areas.

I've heard Trowbridge might not be ideal, Radstock I like the look of but again I'm not from here, and it doesn't look like we can afford Frome, unfortunately. Anywhere nice in amongst these areas? We can consider towards Glastonbury way, as long as dh doesn't have to commute for too long.

We need 3 beds, semi rural if poss and we'd like to live off an estate for a change (currently in a council house). I'd like walking distance to a primary, and school bus route for secondary school. We've got £180,000 to spend at the most. Basically Id like to know what the best we can get is for this amount? I appreciate its not a huge amount for this area.

Any help would be most appreciated. We've never done this before and tbh I'm all over the place. Thanks loads x

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