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Phone Scam

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3boystaxi Tue 06-Jan-15 21:52:53

Hi all

Just wanted to warn you all of a scam on the EE network at the moment from a company called buongiorno muchgossip.

Apparently you can "interact" with their mobile sites and subscribe to a hot gossip service that costs you 99p per week. I was completely unaware that this had happened and only noticed the charges by chance. They had been taken from me for almost 2 years and although the company admit they are in the wrong and have promised me a full refund I am still waiting, despite weekly phone calls to them.

I never authorised these payments and recieved nothing from them for the charges.

I have reported them to the phone regulators and trading standards. I believe from reading various reports on the internet that the money will be refunded but it takes perseverance!

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