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Public Meeting re Crossrail 2 and Springfields Hospital Development

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danwatkins100 Tue 06-Jan-15 13:25:49

There is much interest and concern from residents in Wandsworth Common and Tooting regarding the two Consultations underway on Crossrail 2 and the Springfields Hospital development.

Therefore I'm inviting local residents to a Public Meeting I've set up to discuss these projects on Monday 12th January at 7pm, Central London Golf Centre, Burntwood Lane SW17 0AT.

By way of a brief summary of each project:

a) Springfield Hospital is seeking approval to start building housing on the site in advance of any planned phasing of the project and putting aside some of the conditions set by the Secretary of State, such as to safeguard open spaces.

b) Crossrail 2 is consulting on its safeguarding route, which in our constituency runs underneath Wandsworth Common, Trinity Road and Tooting High Street, and includes access shafts on Wandsworth Common and Trinity Fields.

We have invited officers from Transport for London, the Department for Transport, Springfield Hospital and Wandsworth Council to talk to you about the plans, as well as take questions.

Both consultations close later in January and we very much hope to see you at this meeting so that you can have your say on these important local projects, as well as gather more information.

If you are unable to make the date but wish to provide your view, please email me at

Dan Watkins
Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Tooting

LocalEditorWandsworth Tue 20-Jan-15 13:42:24

For anyone who didn't make it to the meeting but is interested in the Crossrail 2 plans there is now a summary on Dan's website here.

In brief, the plan is for the new Crossrail route to go underground across the borough. First the line of Tooting High Street then turning up towards Wandsworth Common which it then traverses.

However, 4 access shafts above ground will be needed and these would be behind Tooting Broadway Station, next to Tooting Market, on Trinity Fields and next to Skylark Café on Wandsworth Common.

There is a consultation about it underway and details of how to respond are also on Dan's website.

LocalEditorWandsworth Tue 20-Jan-15 14:03:48

P.S - there is apparently an online petition calling for the route and placing of the access shafts to be reconsidered [ here ]

Greydove Wed 21-Jan-15 07:38:37

Any chance of renaming the thread or adding Threat to Wandsworth Common?

danwatkins100 Wed 21-Jan-15 07:49:55

Yes, full details at:

As noted, there is particular concern about the construction work and vent shaft at Wandsworth Common, so please do write in to the current consultation. There will be future consultations before anything is decided in this regard, but it would be good for the Crossrail 2 team to hear your views now and for us to put a marker in the ground for future discussions.

Dan Watkins

LocalEditorWandsworth Wed 21-Jan-15 17:36:04

Hi, we've been forwarded a letter from one of the trustees of Trinity Fields who are horrified at the impact it will have on the fields. Here it is in full:


This Monday I attended a meeting regarding the proposed route for Crossrail 2, which is planned to run from Wimbledon to Alexandra Palace. This will run underground but there is the need to obtain land for ventilation/access shafts and one of these has been allocated on Trinity Fields, to be specific on the corner of Trinity Road and Burntwood Lane, the site is sizeable, some 40metres by 40 metres and permanent.

It is very obvious that the planners of the route are totally unaware that
this field is used for sport and consider it a 'field'. They mentioned that they were able to disguise the shaft by covering it in a 'telly tubby' type

If this goes ahead Trinity Fields would lose a large area, which
would result in the loss of a football/rugby pitch and our only adult
cricket pitch. Not only that Trinity Fields would potentially be out of
action for a considerable amount of time, up to 10 years, whilst the works
are carried out.
The plans are in the development stage but Trinity Fields has been classified as 'safe guarded' which means it is being held as a potential development area.

To stop Trinity Fields being allocated as an Area of Surface interest we
need as many users of the site as possible to register objections. The shaft
can easily be moved, for example, to the corner of Bellevue Road and Trinity Road using Wandsworth Common. This way the area does not disrupt any sporting activity and can be landscaped, with or without telly tubby hills.

I am writing to ask you, as a sports user of Trinity Fields, to register
your objection by emailing:

Please could I ask for you to circulate this email to coaches, parents of
fellow users to register their objection too.


If you would like to know more please refer to the Crossrail 2 website:

I will send you any further news we receive but we hope with all the negative responses and a greater understanding that this is a valuable sports community field and not just a field, that the planners will reconsider the position of the access shaft. We are not without hope in this regard and your response would really make a difference.

Regards Virginia Priest

Trustee of Trinity Fields

tiredofwetsheets Wed 21-Jan-15 17:39:01

Crikey - what's Finton House going to do if Trinity Fields is out of action for 10 years!!! and they aren't the only school to use it regularly.

What a spectacularly bad idea. I will definitely e-mail an objection.

Greydove Wed 21-Jan-15 20:23:12

Does anyone have a decent draft email objection?

MummySw18 Mon 26-Jan-15 22:47:56

You should look at the Save Wandsworth Common website all the info on there of how to object etc.

Greydove Fri 30-Jan-15 20:54:32

They just have a one liner
I don't care if they run the tunnel under the common just prefer they dont' dig it up or destroy trinity fields

danwatkins100 Fri 30-Jan-15 21:20:17

A couple more updates for you on these topics...

Some good news on Crossrail 2:

A summary of the situation for the Springfields Hospital development:

We also have the proposed Dog Stadium redevelopment under consultation, so there really is a huge amount going on in our area. I'll continue to keep you updated, so can give your view and make sure we can shape these projects to work for the local community.



danwatkins100 Sun 15-Feb-15 13:39:39

I'm pleased to tell you that Michele Dix, Managing Director for Planning at TfL, has written to me acknowledging the 'helpful comments from Wandsworth Common' as part of the recent Crossrail 2 consultation that was undertaken and which so many of you helpfully responded too.

She has confirmed that her team will look at alternative route alignments that have been suggested, so as to move the shafts away from their current positions on the Common and Trinity Fields.

You can read the latest on the Crossrail 2 situation at: ... s-concerns

I suspect there will be some more significant progress to report next month, so I'll update you then.


Dan Watkins

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