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Earl's Court Demolition and superficiality

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1ChelseaMa Fri 02-Jan-15 16:20:09

As a resident of 50 yrs here in RBKC I have to express my sadness at the superficial grabbiness that is spreading like measles across the borough. Are we making this a 'rich mans ghetto' and excluding the artists, writers and students as well as the elderly and workers who have lived her happily for so long? Where is all this superficiality come from? Is it from TV or where? For some people owning things is about life, for others, owning things can be a bit unpleasant but a necessary evil. Big up your local characters, we love RBKC and don't want to lose everything to this black and white narcissistic 'drive' that is blighting the subtle hues of beauty that has always been a part of the area. Our wonderful Art Deco Earl's Court is going. The first demolition machines are there, and it'll be gone because good people didn't do enough to stop Boris and his rich pals from hurting our character. Have a look at China and it's suburbs if you want to see our future. Overcrowded and polluted. Plain square buildings surrounded by relentless fog, not Dystopia - a reality. Cubes of emptiness. Don't be afraid to develop your art or your other creative talents. RBKC is for lovers, not for grabbers. Nice things are great but the best things are done with love.

charlietangoteakettlebarbeque Thu 08-Jan-15 08:53:20

Agree with everything you are saying. Have lived in Earls Court since birth (33 years) and find the whole bloody thing depressing. Earls Court is being gentrified, and will lose all character. I am upset that my little boy will never gig at the exhibition, as I did.

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