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Wotton under edge

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beebusy Thu 01-Jan-15 07:32:33

Can anyone let me know what Wotton under Edge is like to live in?
How's the community?
We have one primary school aged child and like eating out, travel, books, indie shops, rambling, horse riding etc.
Additional Question: What mobile phone company gives you the best reception in the area? Is broadband in the area / good?

carlajean Sat 17-Jan-15 15:38:49

We lived near there recently. The pluses are - good schools, wonderful walking, a good arts scene (for a small town) - UTEA has interesting events in town and there is a great small cinema. Nearby is Prema in Uley, offering good arts courses and concerts. There's also the fantastic Nibley Music Festival just up the road.
Shopping is OK
The fact that Renishaw is local means that it's got incomers who are friendly .
The broadband is OK, not super fast, but not too slow.
I think a lot depends on your tastes....I liked it because it isn't as hippiesh as Stroud, or as cupcakesandbunting as Nailsworth, just right ( as Goldilocks would say).
The only minus I can think of is public transport. If you lived in Dursley, Can Dursley station is close, but from Wotton it's quite a drive, and the buses aren't brilliant.
I hope your move goes well☺

carlajean Sat 17-Jan-15 15:40:05

PS eating out in the evening is not good.

beebusy Fri 20-Feb-15 21:38:31

Thanks carlajean!
Great insights. I really appreciate it.

lulupeg Sat 19-Sep-15 19:25:41

Hi, so here I am writing my semi-regular 'where will we move when we (hopefully) leave London this year or next?' comment! Although we are feeling really keen this year as don't want to leave it much later for our boy who is already in Y1 (eek).

Sorry to re-start a zombie thread but I would love to know how Properjob has got on in Wotton (and more broadly about the town) as we have suddenly starting considering it seriously, tempted by the great rep of KLB and the descriptions elsewhere of a lovely community, pool, primary, cinema etc... We are moving from SE London with a then-6 and 3 year old and are looking for a slower pace of life, smaller mortgage and lovely schools... we love outdoorsy stuff and national trust properties (but also have our eye on buses into Bristol for when kids become teens) and will miss the benefits of London so anything about culture/fun/community in the town would help put my mind at rest! We have been strongly considering Clevedon because I love the sea, but am now thinking somewhere like W-u-E might suit us better as schools and community seem very strong... We have family in Thornbury and I was brought up there so I do know the part of the world fairly well, but haven't lived there for almost 20 years!

Thanks so much in advance for any advice any locals can offer!

lulupeg Sun 15-Nov-15 22:14:43

Bumping this in case anyone with local knowledge sees it. We have now visited the town properly and loved it. Keen to hear anything people can tell us about the area and what they like etc. and especially anyone who has moved there from a more urban centre like London or central Bristol and how you've found the change. Huge thanks in advance, we are feeling keen and excited!

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