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St Josephs Primary, Dorking or North Downs, Brockham?

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Boos75 Tue 30-Dec-14 20:16:35


We moved to a village just outside Dorking/Reigate a couple of months ago and my DD is due to start school in September 2015, so I have to apply for a school by 15 Jan.

I think the above schools are our final two but I can't decide on which would be our preference.

Bit of background: although just outside of the Parish of St Joseph's we are Catholic and have been attending Mass at the church. We did really like the school when we looked round but the downside is it seemed a bit cramped and has little outside space. North Downs is much closer to us and has loads of space but am a bit concerned that the Head who has done so much to improve the school in recent years is about to retire.

I don't have any local friends (yet, hopefully school will bring some!) so any thoughts you have on the schools are most welcome.

Thank you.

kingstoncherry Mon 19-Jan-15 20:46:37

Just noticed nobody came back to you on this confused, what/how did you decide?

Local Editor

Boos75 Tue 10-Feb-15 13:35:18

Agh! I'm so sorry not to have replied to you before. Only just spotted your message as I'm not on Mumsnet as much as I'd like to be!

I had a couple of helpful replies when I posted the message in the general Primary School section. Thanks so much for taking the time to follow up with me x

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