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Found Good School Shoes

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Coco22 Tue 30-Dec-14 10:32:55

Hi, I am based in Collier Row so local on Mumsnet Havering....... I thought I'd share something that might interest other parents etc. has anyone heard of SKIDS shoes? My friend from Hornchurch sent me a link on facebook about them. I checked the website and since then I bought a pair for my 7 year old daughter to wear early next year as her Clarks are getting a bit tight and scrubby looking! Anyway the SKIDS shoes turned out to be better than I thought. The selection of styles are quite a lot especially for girls and they are all made of leather, also handmade which I've never heard of before? My daughter can't wait to wear them when she goes back to school next week :-) the shoes are very pretty and my daughter says it's very comfortable. I always buy school shoes from Clarks so i thought I'll try other brand for a change and i must admit I am pleasantly surprised! Worth checking it out. it's called skids for kids shoes

NicholaJ38CR Thu 15-Jan-15 11:11:29

Hi there, I have heard of these shoes through a friend on Facebook via website link. I have always used Clarks however because I know how busy the shop is at weekends and seem to have to wait for ages to be seen, sized and then try on the shoes I thought I would have a look. The prices are very good for the quality and when I contacted the owner they offered to size the shoes from home which was such a luxury. I felt like we had first class customer service as was booked in with no one else and they took time to size the shoes correctly for my children ( in their own home), relaxed and very friendly. The shoes are excellent, lovely styles and my children were so excited to be able to take the time to choose which they wanted. Clarks it always a rush and very stressful. Great experience all round. Shoes are still in great shape. Well worth a try!

Pritic Thu 09-Apr-15 23:25:17

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