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Outstanding nursery in the Honor Oak area

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AMJC Sun 28-Dec-14 20:51:39

I am looking for an excellent nursery in the Honor Oak area for my 2 year old daughter. I have viewed a few and have not been overly impressed by what I have seen. I had liked the look of the Piplings Nursery near Peckham Rye Park but I note that their sister nursery - Seedlings Nursery - has been downgraded to a 3 Ofsted rating which worries me. Anyone have any recommendations out there? How about Peckham Rye Day Nursery or Rose House Montessori?
Thanks in advance

LocalEditorLewisham Wed 31-Dec-14 08:57:17

Hi AMJC thanks for posting! I've tweeted your enquiry so hopefully someone out there will have some advice for you. Let us know how you get on. LE

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