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single Mum to be and looking for social support groups/chat

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embarazada35 Fri 26-Dec-14 16:48:46

Hello, anyone else in Essex a first time yet single parent?
Please let me know im not on my own??! I live in the Billericay area and the only Bumps to Babies group is on in the day time when I'm at work..grin(
I am going to get in touch with Gingerbread to see what they have to offer... in the meantime just chatting with anyone who finds themselves in teh same boat would be fabulous. Im due July 2015.

4m4nd4 Tue 30-Dec-14 11:38:46


I am a single parent but have 5 of them and they are all 9+ in age.
I will tweet your thread to see if anyone can help you.

Good luck with your pregnancy smile

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