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Kings Macclesfield v. The Grange Hartfordd

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mumtomytwoboys Wed 24-Dec-14 00:34:22

Hi can anyone offer any advice / opinion on the differences between the two above schools. I'm looking to send mine for secondary and want to understand the perceived differences between them. Thank you.

CheshireEditor Tue 30-Dec-14 15:45:02

Percieved differences include:-

Kings - very academic & sporty, traditional approach

The Grange - bigger & more varied curriculum emphasis & broader expectations

Depends where you are based for coach pick up and drop off service, it can make it a very long day for the child if you add in the hour plus of homework each night and extra activities.

Also heard both not great on sorting bullying issues with money being a powerfull weapon. But his is not the opinion of Mumsnet Cheshire just views of others.

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