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KS2 Tutor in NE Derbyshire

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cmwhittingham1 Wed 10-Dec-14 18:56:57

Hello. I'm new to this and hope you can help me by recommending a home tutor for my daughter aged 10. I would preferably like a woman. My daughter is very shy and is already very nervous about the SATs she will have to do next year. Want to do a long run to the tests so that she feels comfortable and less stressed going into them.

Can you help me?

Kittycat31 Fri 13-Mar-15 16:13:06

I might be able to help. I'm a KS2 Deputy Head teacher and am going off on maternity leave very soon. I would certainly be able to help with Reading/Writing/Maths SATs practice. I'm in Amber Valley, I don't know if that would be suitable. Feel free to PM me if you would like to ask any questions.

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