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Embolio Sat 06-Dec-14 10:11:50

Can anyone help, what are you meant to put on the 'reason for preference' section? I was all set to go on about why i liked each school, and then I read the booklet and it said you were supposed to relate it to admission criteria. So are you just meant to list i.e closest school to home, child in correct age range? Ive confuses myself!

mummymumblealot Tue 16-Dec-14 12:02:59

If you do a google search online you should be able to find the admissions criteria for your preferred pre-school.

Ive just filled mine in and one of the categories on the admissions criteria for our preschool was if the child attended daycare at the nursery
so i just put in the reasons for preference 'child currently attending daycare at (name of school and the date he attended from)

You should be able to find the criteria on the local education boards website (SELB or whatever) ive looked at a few of them and they vary some of them have criteria for nearest school, siblings previously attended, eldest child in the family etc

Hope this helps

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