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Mount Hermon Road, Woking

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pkaur02 Wed 03-Dec-14 13:25:59

Hi All,

Can someone please help me with information about Mount Hermon Road. We have found a dream house on that road and really want to make an offer, however we are not so sure about the area. The internet is full of bad things about Woking. Can someone please shed some light?

Also I have a 15 month old so would be looking at primary and secondary schools in future. Not catholic and cannot afford private. Will appreciate any pointers especially from anyone local to the area around Mount Hermon Road.

Thanks a lot

Bekabeech Thu 04-Dec-14 23:01:28

Thats quite a nice bit of Woking. Not sure about school catchments. But there is going to be a new free school close to that area, for secondary.

pkaur02 Fri 05-Dec-14 10:26:38

Thanks Bekabeech. Much appreciated. As of now we are more concerned about primary schools and looks there is nearly no chance of getting into Goldsworth primary from Mount Hermon road. sad

pinks5 Fri 19-Dec-14 16:38:37

you got to bear in mind that by the the time your children go to Primary school (in 3-4years time) or Secondary school (in 10 years time), the school reputation, Ofsted reports could/would have changed. So although it is good to look at catchment areas (I did the same thing), don't let it stop you from buying your dream house.

We moved to Horsell, Woking 1.5years ago from Central London. We chose Woking because the commute on the train to London is fast (under 30mins) and with a regular service. So getting into work on a daily basis is convenient. Also the town is undergoing regeneration and I have noticed a big improvement in the selection of shops and restuarants from when we first moved and it only keeps improving. Then there is Guildford which isn't far if you want a selection of more shops.

In regards to Wokings reptuation - it probably is more of a commuter town, but there are a lot of families moving into the area; so once you have made your friends locally... I think it starts to feel like a community.

Name me one town which has a clean reputation? every town has a bad area and once you know where that is, you stay away from it. I've walked back home from the train station late at night or parked in the train station and (touch wood) have not had/seen any trouble.

From what I have seen Mount Hermon Road is a nice part of Woking. When we were looking for houses, the estate agent told me that people tend to look in that area or Horsell, when moving to Woking. So its a popular choice.

Yoruba Sat 27-Dec-14 00:00:16

Gosh, certainly wouldn't say woking is a dive by any means smile

We moved here 3 years ago, for commuting times and we felt it seemed up and coming.
It has surpassed all our expectations and we love it! Lovely friendly town, loads on for little ones, some great schools around - which would be your nearest? My dc are at goldsworth and it is an excellent school. The catchment is very tight though so I certainly wouldn't bank on a place. It's been consistently outstanding for years and years now so i don't think it's reputation is going anywhere fast.
There's a lot of people moving here from London, looking for cheaper prices and more space so you'll meet lots of others in the same position.

Reputation- I think it probably takes a long time to shake off a reputation. There's a carluccios, a bills, a patisserie Valerie. They're redoing the town centre. I think now, woking is much more pleasant than in previous years.

Mount hermon road is always talked very highly of (and has the price tag to match) though I confess I've never seen why it is more appealing than other areas except for its proximity to the station. I certainly wouldn't narrow your search.

Ems3 Mon 29-Dec-14 23:05:30

Mount Hermon is a good road, in nice area of Woking - go for it! The "not so nice" places are more towards the retail park, and sheerwater way but even then they are not that bad (sorry no offence to anyone who lives there)

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