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In year school admission June 2015

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woodymorgan Tue 02-Dec-14 01:24:04

hi there,
I'm looking to move back to the UK after 14yrs away and hoping to live in Oxford. We will have 6 and 10 yr old then and so I'm looking at areas to live and schools to choose. But seeing all the stresses which appear on here for school places, I'm wondering if there are families who have moved to Oxford in our situation and had success navigating the school system, getting 2 children into the same preferred choice of school in June in a family friendly area like East or North Oxford?! We cannot rent a house until we finish up her next June or July so cannot start anything formal until then. The admissions authority has been very helpful and informs me to apply when we have a postcode, and visit some schools first. But I get the impression I won't get preferred choices anyway!
Thanks for any advice, it's a long way off yet but I feel I need to plan early on.....
Thanks !

LeapingLizard Wed 03-Dec-14 23:06:02

I know this sounds pessimistic, but I think many people would advise against Oxford city if you are keen on getting both children into the same school and you have a preference about which school it is. If you and/or your partner need to be able to get into Oxford for work, what about living in Abingdon? I don't live there myself but it is popular for families, and its schools are not as full as Oxford's.

Also remember to think about areas which have good secondary schools, as you'll soon be applying for a secondary place for your eldest for the following year!

woodymorgan Thu 04-Dec-14 02:00:20

Thanks - pessimistic but a sentiment I have seen a lot! Yes I know re secondary schools, am focusing on that for an area as almost all schools in Oxford city seem good. We'd rather be in the city but looking around - Abingdon doesnt have a train station, right? Any other potential non-city areas you could reccomend please?

vessoxford Sat 13-Dec-14 19:11:05

Best to wait till around Easter then phone Admissions and ask which schools have places. No guarantee, but things can move pretty fast. Being in the right area for secondary catchments will probably be important for the older child, worth keeping that in mind when choosing where to live.

woodymorgan Tue 16-Dec-14 01:58:32

will do - thanks!

tailchaser Fri 23-Jan-15 20:32:21

Hi woodymorgan, we are more or less in the same boat, except we have three children to place in schools this September! We are also reurning to the UK after 12 years abroad. My children will be reception, Y3 and Y6. I haven't any advice to give as yet -- but perhaps we can hold each other's hands and share knowledge? In terms of areas we are thinking of Grandpont or Iffley Fields, maybe Wolvercote or closer to the new Oxford Parkway. Have you visited any schools yet? Will you home school if you don't get places in preferred schools? Does anyone have any knowledge of St Ebbes or New Hinksey schools? Thanks!

woodymorgan Tue 03-Feb-15 05:44:46

hi tailchaser - sure! That would be great - its a minefield navigating schools, areas, house etc.! We are looking a bit outside of Oxford now (e.g Abingdon) as I have heard such negative things about the pressure for primary school places and am worried we may end up in schools not on our list and also not have both kids in the same one (will be Yr 2 and Yr 6). Oxford city council say they will try to put them together but no guarantee. Home schooling not really for me. Will visit in March for a reccy tour - we should stay in touch! Have also met another mum relocating back to Bath in the same situation - has been nice to share stories and worries!

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