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Cleaning service recommendations please!

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McFox Wed 26-Nov-14 13:04:15

Hi, I wonder if anyone has a cleaner or knows of a cleaning company that they would recommend in central Edinburgh please? I will just need a couple of hours help once maternity leave finishes and I go back to work - sob!

ToastyMarshmallows Sun 30-Nov-14 21:27:20

Sorry can't help but would love to know if anyone can recommend a cleaning service!

fury Sat 06-Dec-14 19:31:36

I know a wonderful efficient cleaner who helps me approximately every two weeks,more if I am too ill and it mounts up.Her name is Eve but I don't want to write her no on public site, as would need to ask her.However I can pass on your no if u want or if you know another way to get the no.She works really hard and is a godsend.She also has a baby so maybe You@d have stuff in common!

edinburghrookie Sat 06-Dec-14 19:36:44

I can highly recommend Blossom Cleaning, reliable and a great cleaner - costs more per hour than previous cleaners but does a lot more in 2 than they used to do in 3.

McFox Tue 09-Dec-14 15:31:57

Thanks everyone smile

Fury I have a couple of leads but will PM you if they go nowhere, thank you.

FuzzPot Thu 15-Jan-15 13:05:57

Hi ladies
Was lurking here as am looking for a cleaner too. Contacted Blossom, who came for a chat, then no show on the agreed start day; and no response to two calls, so i'm unsure what happened there!

Appreciative of any other recommendations. Esp. if OP has trialed and tested any since. Thanks :-)

TR850 Thu 20-Sep-18 22:35:13

Ha, I went looking for reviews about Blossom Cleaning. Gwen cancelled my end-of-tenancy clean five hours before she was due to arrive, and blamed me for it. Two days earlier, she'd demanded a time change, but she immediately cancelled on me when I dared ask for an extra half hour to visit a friend in hospital! It was clear from her emails that she'd booked too much work with her regular customers, so she lied to me to get out of doing a job she'd committed to weeks earlier. Gwen talks a good game but don't trust her.

Pure Cleaning Scotland were brilliant, stepping into the breach, and I highly recommend them.

rookiemere Sat 22-Sep-18 12:03:43

I'm so surprised to hear this. Gwen continues to clean for us and has been very reliable for a number of years.

TR850 Sat 22-Sep-18 13:00:07

I'm glad to hear Gwen doesn't treat everyone as badly as she treated me and FuzzPot. Only makes it more mysterious why she thinks it's acceptable to treat anyone at all so unprofessionally.

"maybe best if you find another cleaning company I can't do 2.30pm today as I have previous clients today as well...and just too short notice

I'm sorry just been so many changes regarding your clean today and I have been accommodating...

Would rather if you find a more flexible cleaning company I'm sure you will..."

Literally the only change I made was the date three weeks earlier, and I'd already made it clear when I contacted her in July that the date might change depending on whether my landlord let me break the lease early. But she expected me to change by two hours with two days' notice, then blamed me for "so many changes".

And note how she cancelled outright because I DARED to ask for half an hour change, instead of saying (like any professional would) "I'm sorry, I can only do the previously scheduled time because of prior commitments; would you like to keep it, or find another cleaner?"

She knows perfectly well that end-of-tenancy cleans require someone to go over and give an estimate (which she did for me), yet she deliberately cancelled the day of my clean. I cannot believe how rude she was. I did nothing to deserve being treated like that. Completely untrustworthy.

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