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entrance exam 11+ Bedford Modern School

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annemarie54 Tue 25-Nov-14 19:39:22

Hi, has anyone's son or daughter done the BMS entrance exam for 11+ age group? Was just wondering what the creative writing consisted of - did they have to write a story or was it non-fiction writing? Thanks for any info!

Happypiglet Sun 25-Jan-15 08:11:52

Hi sorry I didn't see this in time. I have three DC at the Junior school and DS1 sat the exam this time.
How did your DC do? Were they happy with how the day went. It seemed pretty full on to me. DS1 was exhausted by the end.
Only two and a half weeks to wait now.
Fingers crossed for you.

Kingofthecastle Sun 08-Feb-15 20:36:39

We are waiting for 7+ results this week! Feeling panicked...

annemarie54 Wed 17-Jun-15 11:12:23

My pupil got in, so I'm very pleased! I can now answer my own question - the writing was to continue a description.

Aasia Wed 23-Nov-16 22:37:26

Hi annemarie54, my son is scheduled to take the entrance exam for Bedford Modern in January 2016. I have read that your pupil passed and got in. Can you provide some advice related to the tests and the writing test. How was the day for the pupil? How did the pupil find the maths test? My son is practicing using the Bond 11+ exams and has been getting around 80 to 85 percent.

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