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Primary school in Cheltenham

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Catherine639 Fri 21-Nov-14 12:56:28


My son starts school next September and we need to apply for schools, but can't decide on what to put as first preference.

The choices we have are Benhall, Lakeside and Warden Hill.

Does anyone have recent experience of these schools that they could share? They all get good results and ofsteds, but choosing between them is hard. WH is the furthest away so we would have to drive, but potentially the best overall. Benhall infants really good but St Marks juniors doesn't seem to be as good as the others. Lakeside seems good but know they have had issues recently though they look like they're improving.

Any help would be appreciated as although they are all good it is an important decision to make and we are struggling.


StMarksMostly Fri 12-Dec-14 14:22:10

Where do you live? Very few people have a realistic chance of getting into all of these schools.

Bear in mind that Warden Hill took from much further away than usual this year because of a bulge class.

I have a child at Lakeside and will happily discuss it if you want to PM me.

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