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NNUH - Recent experiences?

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Lunachicken Thu 20-Nov-14 21:50:43


I'm 19 weeks with my second chid, I gave birth at the Norfolk and Norwich to my DD back in 2012 and I was wondering if anyone had any more recent experiences to share of the labour and post-labour wards?

I remember there being a transitional care lady not he post labour ward who assisted with breastfeeding, getting the latch right, hand expressing etc, is there still someone of this ilk on the wards?

How long have people who's gone onto the ward after birth stayed before leaving the hospital?

LocalEditorNorfolk Thu 04-Dec-14 14:23:43

Hi there,

My own childbirth experience is several years ago; but I know that the NNUH are usually very good with support for helping breastfeeding etc on the wards afterwards. As far as I'm aware, most people who go to a ward afterwards will only stay a night if everything has been reasonably straightforward, and a few if you've had a CS.

Best of luck!

Curlsoncurls Sun 14-Dec-14 16:05:24

I found the Breastfeeding Network extremely helpful when I was having difficulties with feeding my daughter. Someone came to my house to help as I had mastitis and was too unwell to go to their drop in. I wish I had contacted them sooner as I wouldn't have had so much difficulty and they have more time than the midwives, etc. drop in good for meeting other mums too. Good luck!

moobaloo Fri 16-Jan-15 16:36:37

I had my baby there last May and I could not fault them. I was induced and had a long and complicated labour and birth and was there 6 days in total and they were fantastic. You could tell they were busy but they didn't rush me, I was lucky and got to stay in the delivery suite overnight after giving birth as I was hooked to loads of things and was having a blood transfusion and the midwives were fantastic, coming in, handing me my baby (I couldn't sit up) helping me feed him, they took him for a little walk around the ward for a bit while I slept, they were brilliant.

There was a fantastic assistant who helped me loads with feeding and latch and they said to call every time I tried to feed him if I wanted help so they could assist and check it was going ok.

All the best with the birth of your baby!

Geemmaax Mon 19-Jan-15 02:40:32

Had my baby there in December 2014. I gave birth in one of the birthing pools, on midwifery led birthing unit. Everything was great and straight forward until my son was born. Then they just abandoned me. They didn't let me partner hold our son until after 2 hours. I gave birth at 4pm and they wouldn't let me get dressed until about 10 PM and I think the worst of it all is they wouldn't let me dress my son until we left which was 2am in the morning. I thought thay was terrible that they would even allow me to leave hospital with a newborn at that time of the morning bearing in mind I had been up for 3 days.

But remember that everyone's experience is different.
Wishing you luck

Lunachicken Mon 19-Jan-15 19:25:18

Thanks for your replies ladies! Blimey geemmaax they discharged you at 2am?!

Geemmaax Fri 23-Jan-15 05:47:08

Yep. 2am in December. I hadn't slept for 3 days either. But never mind, it's all over and done with now.

How's pregnancy treating you? Xx

Lunachicken Fri 23-Jan-15 10:27:00


Yea, pregnancy's not going too bad, it's definitely harder second time round, there's no chance to rest with a two year old to chase round, but as we saved everything from DD there's very little that we need to buy though I've still found plenty, much to DH and bank balances dismay I'm starting to panic a bit now that I'm getting closer to the due date even though in the grand scheme of things there's till ages to go, should probably hunt out that carseat!

MasterSplinter Fri 23-Jan-15 10:34:57

I had my first before they refurbished and updated their bfing training. Care was not great and I was discharged 12hrs post emcs. Second time round could not have been more different. Breastfeeding support was exemplary, staff were motivated and lovely.

I'm not sure what you mean by not "let" you get dressed or dress your baby? I just got dressed when I wanted. And dressed my baby as and when necessary. How did they stop you? And what did they say was the reason? My friend had a 3am discharge recently. But she wanted to leave and there was no medical reason not to. I'm sorry you felt forced to leave. Have you considered complaining?

Lunachicken Fri 13-Feb-15 23:12:00

to peoples memories are things like maternity pads and cotton wool supplied or should I take my own? I'm trying not to overpack as I seem to have a lot on my lists...

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