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Schools in Barnes - St Osmunds of Lowther Primary?

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Kamilouss Thu 20-Nov-14 14:42:37

Please let me have your thought on primary schools in Barnes, I live a bit to far away to get my girl into Barnes Primary so I have to chose form the two above... what do you think?
I loved St Osmunds atmosphere and politeness of children much much better but apparently Lowther had better educational achievements last few years - anyone has any info about this? Are these just a rumours?
Please help... I am loosing my mind over it...

Nikadebika Thu 27-Nov-14 17:43:58

My DS went to Lowther Primary, all the way through from Reception to Year 6 and I can't recommend it enough. It really is a lovely school, with a friendly, family atmosphere, the most engaging and energetic Head Teacher in the world (Mr Tuffney has God-like status and children and parents alike adore him) and a strong emphasis on academic achievement for children of all abilities. It has lots of outdoor space and facilities, including a mini-farm, a wealth of music and sport activities. My DS was so happy there and I know the other parents felt the same.

zepherinedrouhin Fri 28-Nov-14 16:54:03

My DCs went to Barnes Primary but I know plenty of people with DCs at both St Osmonds and Lowther - and both are good. St Osmonds is a Catholic school - that may or not be a factor in your choice.

St Osmonds is better located being more central to the shops etc but it depends where in Barnes you live. I agree with all Nikadebika about the ethos of Lowther and the head though.

Pistachiomacaroons Fri 28-Nov-14 20:05:02

Lowther sounds lovely. My DCs are at Barnes Primary and I certainly would NOT describe it as having a lovely friendly family atmosphere.

zepherinedrouhin Mon 01-Dec-14 11:05:04

Pistachiomacaroons - , surprised by your comment about BPS - and a bit sad as it was a very happy place for us. I think though that schools, to some extent, can become victims of their own success. My DCs were there from yr 2000 until July 2012 and we saw a lot of changes. It got bigger and towards the end and was full of people who had specifically moved just to get into the school and who had no connection with the area at all.

Why do you think it is not a friendly school? ( Just interested, no other motives.)

Pistachiomacaroons Sun 07-Dec-14 23:07:21

My experience is that BPS focuses too much on results at the expense of any form of pastoral care. KS1 is still ok but in KS2 they just don't seem to show much kindness. I don't know if it's just me (or if it's like this at other state primaries) but I find the punishments meted out to be a bit harsh for 7 year olds - missing some of your break if you get more than 2 spellings wrong in your weekly spelling test, being made to stand up for the rest of assembly if you are caught talking - rather humiliating. Time for a change at the top...

Heathclif Tue 09-Dec-14 13:38:07

Pistachio Is that really the case in relation to spelling tests? A blanket sanction? If so I think, as a Dyslexic, and mother of Dyslexics it needs to be challenged urgently. The chances are that there are three or more children in each class who have Specific Learning Difficulties who will never learn to spell via tests of memory and that form of teaching will be damaging. As a parent you can never be sure your child has not got a learning difficulty, many who achieve at average or above average levels have found coping strategies that cover up their problems. Good schools realise that and vary the teaching methods. I know state primaries locally are sometimes guilty of not supporting pupils with SpLDs but that is beyond not best practice.

zepherinedrouhin Wed 17-Dec-14 13:32:30

Thank you for explaining Pistachiomacaroons. I see what you mean. They were a bit results-focused when we were there, especially in the later years, and some teachers were a bit strict with the discipline - but I don't recall the punishments that you mention ever happening. It has obviously changed and our last year there 2011/2012 we did feel it had lost something although accepted that it could have been just our experience.

I agree with PP about punishments being used for getting spellings wrong - not the way to do it and should be challenged.

Pistachiomacaroons Sun 21-Dec-14 23:17:41

heathclif - those with a statement are excluded from the same weekly spelling tests but those with dyslexia which is not severe enough to warrant a statement and who have, as you rightly point out, found coping strategies are not excluded. And as a mother of one of those, I have found that they don't offer much extra support (other than extra reading with an adult). Didn't think I'd ever say this when we started in reception but now can't wait for my children to leave the school!

ladyme Sun 11-Jan-15 13:16:47

My daughter's in Yr3 at Lowther and very happy there. We've really appreciated the collegiate approach the school takes to the children's education, and the school generally has a lovely atmosphere. Obviously it's impossible for me to compare it to St O's as we've never been a part of that school. I have friends with children there though and they seem happy. I think your kids are going to get a good education at either school to be honest, even though they are quite different.

I spend quite a lot of time in school helping out with various things, and generally find the children there have lovely manners too ;)

Good luck with finding the right school for your children!

kittybloom Mon 12-Jan-15 20:55:42

All primary schools in the area are very good, Lowther and St O included, it is getting into one which is the tough bit, I'm afraid. Unless your child is baptised and you have the confirmation letter from your vicar/priest, you are very unlikely to be offered a place at St O. For me, it would come down to whether I wanted to send my child to a faith school or not. Good luck.

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