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New Sensory studio in Hammersmith

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sarahAoD Wed 19-Nov-14 16:17:25

I am raising funds for a new sensory studio in the heart of Hammersmith and I want to find out if this is something that local parents think they would use. I'm not asking for money! Just for your views.
The studio will have changing facilities and a cafe on site. It will be fully accessible for disabled people but it will be open to all. It would make a great venue for baby sensory sessions and baby yoga. It would be available for local groups and individuals or families to hire.
Is this something you would like to use?
What benefits to your children would you anticipate?
Would you like to find out more about the studio and the facilities it will have?
I am writing funding applications at the moment and would appreciate any comments and ideas you have.
Thank you

MaxiMumOne Wed 14-Jan-15 22:06:17

Hi Sarah,

I can't believe how long ago you posted this. I've just joined. I hope you had some response from your research. I for one would absolutely support this idea if it was at all still possible. I think it's a great concept and there are plenty of parents and carers looking for more sensory experiences for their little ones.

I hope you get the idea off the ground. I look forward to seeing and hearing more about it if you do.

Very best of luck with the project!

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