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The commute from Welwyn Garden City to London

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purplyworply Mon 17-Nov-14 16:32:17

Hello, can anyone tell me some detail about the commute from WGC to London? Eg. how crowded are the trains? Can you get a seat at peak time? Is it a fairly reliable line? Thank you.

Gawjushun Tue 18-Nov-14 21:37:27

I lived in Welwyn a few years ago, so info might be a little out of date... Generally, yes the trains were packed by the time they got to Welwyn. It was rare to get a seat. However, it was a short journey and I found it pretty reliable. Trains were usually only a few mins late, and there were a couple of days with cancellations due to problems on the line, but that can't really be helped. So overall, not too bad!

Thesofaismyfriend Tue 18-Nov-14 21:40:29

Hi, I don't actually commute but do live in WGC so know a lot of people that do. I think that it is a fairly reliable line (as trains go). I know that some trains start here so you do get a seat - that is the one my DSis gets.

Ayana19 Sun 04-Jan-15 20:55:09

Hi we moved to WGC in aug and both my husband I commute to London every day. Commute is fine you gave 1 options: 7.55 kings x train is only 26 mins but it's usually busy so slim chance of getting a seat but quick journey! 7.46 Moorgate train always get a seat but it's 47 mins again pleasant journey. We bought a house in WGC moved from Finchley as couldn't afford a home and still go back drive is only 35 mins door to door. Hope that helps.

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