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Bellshill - Mossend area

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scotsgal Thu 13-Nov-14 11:54:49

Hi mums, Our family may soon be moving into the Mossend area of Bellshill - DS would commute from here to a school he is already settled in - but would like any feedback you can give about the area in general. Any advice on things such as: local health centre, dentists, shops, train and bus links into the centre of Glasgow, and general feel of the area. Is it safe for young teens to be out with friends, do they have anywhere to go like clubs, sports facilities, etc ? Many thanks in advance.

Sn00p4d Tue 18-Nov-14 18:32:21

What age is ds? Where in mossend?
My sister in law stays in mossend, in the wee estate behind the joker/r s mccoll, it's lovely in there, like everywhere else I suppose Bellshill has it's good and bad bits, I moved here because dh is from here and Ive been happy here
Not too sure about clubs etc without knowing age?x

Mirandabailey1 Mon 16-Feb-15 19:39:14

There is a good scouts group on at Orbison on a Friday night

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