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Moving back to Ballymena from abroad need advice please

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funnymummy55 Wed 12-Nov-14 12:21:50

After living abroad for 10 years we are moving back to Ballymena next year and need some advice:
1. Hubby will need to commute to Belfast every day. What is the drive or train commute like?
2. Looking at houses on the Rosses Estate off Galgorm road. Anyone live there or can advise what its like? Other suggestions for good areas to consider?
3. Primary Schools. Looking at St Columcille's or St Bridgets. Again any advice on either.
I would love any feedback you have on the above to help.

BallyBelle Tue 16-Dec-14 09:04:58

This is old but I am only seeing it now.

I commute to belfast everyday on the train from ballymena. I get 7am or 7.30am train & get a seat no problem.. Train is 45mins each way.
trains are every hr or every half hr from 4.30pm onwards from central station - depends what his stop would be.
On the odd occasion I have drove I am home 15/20mins quicker (not driving to station, parking, walking to & from work etc)
That's ok if weather ok & if there are no accidents. At least train time can be used productively!
Rosses is a good area but only the rosses itself - NOT rossdale!

I live in galgorm which is a great area for schools but house prices are higher than in the rosses.

Can't help with you school choices I'm afraid.

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